We had 16 members on this beautiful sunny afternoon.

Lisa welcomed everyone and was happy to inform everyone that as a result of the Prime Minister’s happy announcement, Lisa will be going ahead with the 2 events and also starting a few of the venues. Everyone was very pleased. We had no Ian James today as he had a urgent family matter to deal with. We were very lucky to have music entertainment with James Le Bec who stepped in the last minute – thank you James.  This was then followed with Rachel’s exercise to music. This was Rachel’s last session and everyone wished her well. Everyone was pleased that Rachel would be joining the reunion party on the 26th July to do a performance of the Saturday Night Fever dance with the members.

Lisa then did a quick picture quiz asking everyone to name and give the place of 10 UK Bridges. Stephen got the highest score with 11 out of 20. Lisa then followed with Bingo and the winner was Kevin and Mabel.