We had 16 members today. The Karaoke session started at 2pm followed with the chat time. Lisa welcomed everyone and asked each of the members how their weekend was. There was various chats especially about different film and TV series. One of the carers mentioned that her first cousin’s friend was an American astronaut, and he came to visit bringing a piece of moon rock as a souvenir. James Irwin served as Apollo Lunar Module pilot for Apollo 15. He was the 8th person to walk on the Moon and sadly was the first and youngest of those astronauts to die. Everyone was very interested to hear this and also thought how wonderful to have a piece of Moon rock.

James Le Bec and Joy then joined us as Katie our usual music entertainer was away today. James sang a variety of songs getting everyone to sing-a-long. The session then continued with Eon Walters with the exercises. It was rather warm today so everyone worked a bit of a sweat.

Lisa then did a quiz with everyone. As it will be HM Queen’s official birthday on Saturday 12th June, Lisa had a few quiz questions about the Queen. Everyone thought they were a bit hard but they like the challenge. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and today’s winners were Peter and John and Audrey.