We had 19 members today. Everyone enjoyed the Karaoke as usual and then Lisa welcomed everyone at the chat session at 2.30pm. Lisa informed everyone about Dementia Action Week from 17th to the 23rd May and also informed them of a celebration zoom event on Friday 21st May at 2pm – celebrating the partnership of Barnet Carers with Dementia Club UK. This will be a one-hour fun event.

Katie Paine then joined to start the music entertainment and sang a variety of songs which got everyone singing along. Eon then joined to teach the chair exercise session which as usual is always great and everyone loves to work out.

The session the continued with a quiz from Kevin and today’s quiz was about naming some previous Prime Ministers and their nick names. Kevin always makes it fun. The winners were Peter, Stephen and Brenda, Pam and John. Lisa then called out the Bingo and todays winners were Booba Beryl and Hazel and also John and Audrey.