We had 27 members this evening. Lisa welcomed everyone and introduced a discussion about DNR ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ This was a request from one of the carers. This raised a lot of discussion and Dr Angela Parker was also able to provide a lot of advice and had already emailed some links to Lisa which would provide very useful information for everyone. Lisa said that she would forward the links to everyone after the meeting.

Lisa then introduced Peter Simaliak who was doing the presentation today. Andrew who usually does the seminars was unfortunately unwell this week and everyone passed on their best wishes. Today’s topic was a First Aid training seminar about ‘Choking’ Peter showed a video and also talked about the various methods when someone is choking. Peter also showed another short video of a new anti-choking device called ‘Life Vac’ which can be bought for about £60. This device is used a lot apparently in care homes. It looks like a plunger and it is placed over the nose and mouth and the idea is that it will suck out the object which blocks the airway. It was a very informative seminar and Lisa and everyone thanked Peter. The presentation slides and all previous presentations can be emailed on request. Dr Angela’s links are below for information.

The rest of the meeting was open to members to ask questions. Lisa thanked Peter again and Dr Angela and the meeting ended at 8.35pm.

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