We had 22 members today. The Karaoke session started at 2pm and then at 2.30pm the chat session started. Lisa welcomed everyone. And James Le Bec soon joined after. It was lovely to see Kathy dressed looking like Eliza Doolittle in my fair lady and Douglas wearing a boater. Last week James Le Bec suggested that he would sing some songs from various musicals and if anyone wanted to dress up it would be nice. Kathy and Douglas were the only ones who remembered and Lisa made sure to ask James to triple the points in the music quiz as a reward for Kathy and Douglas.

James then started and his first musical song was from Jungle Book. James also sang Edelweiss from The Sound of Music and The Phantom of the Opera which everyone enjoyed listening to. It was then time for the music quiz. Everyone did really well in the music quiz scoring 162 points. Richard Kravetz then joined us for the Yoga exercises. Lisa had to leave early today as she had another work meeting at 4pm but Richard continued after the Yoga with his general knowledge quiz which was a true or false quiz. Andrew Mills got 10 out of 10 – well done Andrew. There was no Bingo today as Lisa played a few games yesterday. Mark wished everyone a happy rest of the week.