We had 26 members today. The new Tuesday Karaoke session was a great success again and then it was time for the chat session as usual at 2.30pm. There is always a lot of good chatting amongst members and today was lovely to also see Muriel and Ivor who have not joined for a while. Lisa welcomed everyone and also announced the M&S Whetstone bucket collection amount which was collected during the 2 days. Lisa mentioned how she also saw 2 of the members Gina and Chris who attended. Ian James our music entertainer then joined us and as always makes a grand entrance and likes to chat to everyone before he starts. Ian sang a variety of cockney songs and other 60’s favourites which everyone enjoyed singing along. In fact the feedback during the session was for more of the same from Ian in future sessions.

Rachel then joined us for the music dance exercise session and everyone was pleased to see her especially as she was away last week. Rachel introduced some new dance routines and new songs which everyone enjoyed and participated.

Kevin then organised a picture quiz today which everyone did very well but the winner was Gina and Chris as they had also a miniature battery operated singing James Brown model which was one of the quiz questions. Everyone was nicely surprised and apparently Gina and Chris have quite a number of other models they will show us.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and as Lisa announced that she will be away tomorrow towards the end of the session as she has another work meeting, Lisa decided to keep calling the Bingo numbers and it obviously meant that everyone who participated today in the Bingo were winners.