We had 22 members today on this glorious sunny and warm day. The Karaoke session started at 2pm as usual which everyone really enjoyed and then our chat session started at 2.30pm. Lisa welcomed everyone. It was lovely to also see Sheila Mortimer one of the volunteers from Golders Green Rotary Club.  Katie Paine our music entertainer then joined us. We had not seen her for a couple of weeks and everyone gave her a warm welcome. Katie decided to sing Buddy Holly music today and ended up with singing ‘Rocking around the Clock’ for her final song which got everyone up dancing.

Eon then joined us for the exercises to music and Eon decided today to put some 50’s music. As usual everyone participated in the exercises which were great.

Lisa then continued with doing a reading today of someone’s memories  ‘All About Milk’ It was very interesting history. Lisa talked about how milk was delivered by horse and cart in the early 50’s and then the electric milk floats were introduced in 1923. Also brought memories about drinking milk at schools which was introduced in 1946 and then how it was withdrawn. It generated a very interesting chat. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and today’s winner was Booba Beryl and Hazel.