We had 22 members today. Everyone really enjoyed the Karaoke at 2pm and then the chat time started at 2.30pm.  Lisa welcomed everyone. There were some interesting chats today which was really nice and the new members participating. A few of the members were proud to show their haircuts. James Le Bec then joined with Joy. James sang a few songs and then strated the music quiz which was a bit challenging today but fun. The winner for the music quiz with 10 out of 10 was Chris and Gina.

Richard then joined to start the Yoga session which is always popular and then this follows on with Richard’s quiz which today was about the Royal Family. The winners were Pam and John with 9 out of 10. One of the questions which everyone found difficult to answer was whether the Queen needs to have a passport or a driving licence. The answer is NO but some people thought that perhaps she needed a driving licence. Pam and John’s pretend prize was an afternoon tea with the Queen and the tea would be Earl Grey tea which is the Queen’s favourite tea.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner today was Gina and Chris.