We had 20 members today. The new Karaoke music selection at 2pm was a real treat especially as members look forward to hearing their requests. At 2.30pm everyone was then ready for their chats and then Ian James our music entertainer joined us 5 minutes before starting his music to greet everyone. Members really like that as Ian is a very jolly person. Ian sang a medley of music favourites today which got everyone singing along.

Rachel then joined us for the dance exercise session. Members look forward to this as Rachel provides dance routines for everyone to participate.

Lisa then did a 1950’s multiple choice quiz which everyone did really well. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner today was Jackie and Joan. Jacqui and Joan are now the winners for Bingo 9. Lisa has decided to continue with the same game for tomorrow to give another winner a chance to win hopefully and will start Bingo 10 next week after Easter.