The Karaoke session started at 2pm as usual and then everyone looks forward to the chat session at 2.30pm. It was a lovely sunny and warm day and everyone felt happy. Lisa mentioned that there were 2 celebrations – Hindu (Holi) Holiday and also the Jewish Passover and wished all those who celebrated best wishes. Lisa then welcomed Laurence one of the Rotary members who has been away for  3 months in hospital recovering from Covid. It was a pleasure to see him. Lisa then reminded everyone that next Monday there is no session as it is Bank Holiday. Lisa also reminded everyone that the carers session tomorrow will be run by Kevin and Keren as Lisa and Mark have to attend another work meeting.

Katie Paine our music entertainer then joined us and everyone was pleased to see Katie especially as she has been unwell with migraines. Katie’s theme today was lady singers of the 50’s. She started of course with a favourite – Doris Day and then introduced other favourite songs which everyone sang along to.

Eon Walters then joined us and started the exercise session. Eon makes sure everyone exercises.

The quiz today was taken by Kevin and this was naming famous Politicians. The winners were Stephen and Brenda and Pam and John. Kevin jokingly said that their prize was a night out with John Major and Edwina Curry. Everyone laughed.

Lisa then called out the Bingo and as Lisa would like to hopefully have a winner this week, she carried on calling the Bingo numbers so that there were a number of winners. There are now a few members with 2 wins. Laurie Porter, John & Audrey, Kevin & Mabel, Pamela & John, Joan, Stephen & Brenda, Jackie & Joan and helen & Chrystalla. Who will be the 9th Bingo Winner before Easter?