We had 21 members today. The Karaoke session started at 2pm as usual and everyone really enjoyed singing along to the new songs.  The chat time which follows at 2.30pm to 3pm is always very popular although today was a little challenging as there were a few internet interruptions. It was lovely to see Ian James our music entertainer who always joins earlier to chat with everyone and makes everyone laugh. Ian also showed us his dog Sonny who was quite bigger than when we saw him first a few months ago as a small puppy. Ian sang country and western songs today which everyone enjoyed and sang along.

We were then joined by Rachel for the exercises. Everyone is used to Rachel’s routines now and look forward to them.

Lisa then continued with doing 2 short quizzes. The first quiz was to complete 10 song titles and the second quiz was 10 questions where members had to guess the American word e.g. British say rubbish but the Americans say trash. It was great fun and it also got everyone chatting about some of their past holiday experiences in America where they tried to ask for something using the British word but they were not understood. Gina and Kevin got all the answers right for the song titles and Pam got the highest score for the words with 6 out of 10 .

Lisa then called out the Bingo and the winner today was Jackie and Joan.