We had 29 members at the meeting. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave a special welcome to our visitor Dr Rhonda Cohen (Head of Department: Sport Science and Rehabilitation at Middlesex University and sport and exercise Psychologist BPS and HCPC). Lisa also welcomed the Trustees and also Andrew Wrensch.

Lisa introduced Rhonda informing everyone how she conducted a research study about the dementia club in 2015 to evaluate its benefits of physical activity and other activities and its effectiveness with people living with dementia and their carers. Lisa asked Rhonda how she coped during the pandemic and also the University. Rhonda said it has been difficult and especially for the students living alone as many had been affected with mental health issues.

Lisa then read out a lovely letter she received today from Theresa Villiers MP saying how pleased she was that dementia Club UK were nominated Charity of the Year in Barnet. Theresa also congratulated Lisa on her work with the dementia club especially during the pandemic and also how she was also pleased that the ‘visiting in care homes’ has now moved forward and she would continue to talk to the Ministers. This letter will be on our website.

There was about 15 minutes left before Andrew started his seminar which gave members the opportunity for a general chat and Lisa to inform everyone to note in their diaries the other visitors joining on the 9th March (Mr Nigel Wray) and on the 16th March (Professor David Jefferys)

Lisa then introduced Andrew to start his seminar which today was about “Wellbeing & Activities”

As usual the seminar was very informative and interesting and as it ran a little over time and didn’t give much opportunity for everyone to ask their questions, this topic will continue for next week and also Andrew will introduce a new topic – “Dementia Awareness”

Lisa thanked her special visitor Dr Rhonda and also Andrew for his great seminar and also the Trustees and everyone.