We had 24 members today. The Karaoke session was on as usual and then the chat session at 2.30pm. Lisa welcomed everyone and it was lovely to see Andrew from the Church, Laurence Winston from Rotary Hendon and Melvyn our long standing volunteer. It was also lovely to see new members. Lisa then gave the sad news of Connie who passed away recently. Everyone was very sad. Lisa said that she would be sending a card on behalf of everyone.

There was a general chat after and everyone chatting about what recipes they were going to bring on Monday’s session. Lisa suggested that she could create a DCUK recipes book on the website which everyone thought was a great idea.

Kevin one of the carers was dressed with an ABBA wig today. James Le Bec and Joy joined the session and everyone was delighted to welcome them. Kevin reminded James he had to play an ABBA song. James had already prepared and of course played ‘Dancing Queen’ which was great. Kevin also mentioned that it was his birthday tomorrow so Lisa made sure that he had the DCUK special birthday singalong and James also made sure he had any other special music requests played. The music quiz was interesting and challenging as usual and the winners with 9 out of 10 were Fiona and Grace, Helen and Sandra.

Richard Kravetz then joined to do the chair Yoga exercises and this is followed with a quiz by Richard. The quiz today was ‘Food of the World’.

Quite a few members who score well but the top scores were Sandra and Pam – winning a make believe 10 course meal of all the dishes mentioned in the quiz. Everyone laughed.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner again was Laurie Porter.

There are a few members now with 2 wins. Who will be the winner for Game 8 Bingo?