We had 26 members today. Lisa started the karaoke at 2pm and then at 2.30pm Lisa welcomed everyone during the chat time.

Lisa told the members about the good news with unpaid carers now moving up the Government priority list to receive their vaccinations. This is good news especially after Lisa’s speech at the last council meeting asking the Government to consider moving the priority for unpaid carers vaccination up on the list. Lisa is so pleased the JCVI have listened.


Lisa also mentioned about 2 articles in the Sunday Times paper and Sky News regarding ‘visiting in care homes’.



Lisa reminded everyone when Adam Purnell was invited to attend one of the carers group meetings on the 8th December 2020. Adam is a Care Home Manager at Kepplegate Care Services in Lancashire and he spoke about his best practices and how he didn’t need to stop visiting in his care home during the pandemic.

Too many loved ones in care homes have passed away. It’s about time all care homes start to follow and learn to put similar best practices in their care homes to allow relatives to visit their loved ones. Lisa said how very proud she felt of what Adam has achieved and hopefully these best practices will spread to other care homes.

Lisa also mentioned that she has emailed Theresa Villiers MP and also Mike Rich CEO of Barnet Carers Centre and also the Leader of Barnet Council.

Members were delighted to hear this news.

Ian James then joined and members cheered to see him and said how they really missed him. Ian was also very happy to be back and gave a very entertaining session with a variety of popular songs which everyone loved. Rachel was then ready to start her exercise session and everyone is now used to Rachel’s style of teaching which works well.

Rachel had prepared the Saturday Night Fever routine today which was a real success and everyone loved especially the ‘Put on your seat belt’ move. It was great fun and Rachel will repeat it again next week with a bit more of a challenge.

Kevin then took over to do a short Family Fortunes Quiz game. A bit of fun banter between Kevin and Lisa which everyone likes. When it came to adding up the scores unfortunately that was a bit of a challenge so that was left with no results.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and todays winner was Laurie Porter.