We had 27 members today. It was a sunny day and not so cold as normal which made everyone feel happier. Lisa’s Karaoke session as usual was great and everyone feeds back to say how they enjoy it. The chat times are also great after and Lisa has the opportunity to provide any updates and talk to members. Some of the members were wearing red today especially as it was Valentine’s Day yesterday. Katie Paine our music entertainer was then ready to start and she was also wearing a red dress. Katie’s theme today was Elton John and sang quite a few music favourites. In fact one our carers Kevin looked the part with his Elton John big glasses and his mini piano keyboard. The last 5 minutes was an Elton John quiz and it was interesting to hear from Katie that she used to work with Elton John and she also has as a memento his piano stall which she treasures.

Eon Walters was then ready to start the exercises. Eon’s music is so motivating and gets everyone really working out. Everyone also wished Eon a Happy Wedding Anniversary as yesterday on Valentine’s Day it was his 22 years anniversary.

Lisa then carried on with the session and today Lisa prepared a food and chocolate quiz. There were 16 questions and the top scores were Pam and Joan with 13 out of 16. Lisa then read out a couple of jokes which everyone enjoyed and then called out the Bingo numbers. The Bingo winners today were Keren and Frances and Laurie and Sandra.