We had 21 members today and some new members. Lisa welcomed everyone and also gave an update about her meeting at the council in the evening. She told members that she was going to speak at Council to highlight that unpaid carers who look after over 80 year olds are not on the Government priority order list for vaccination and should be at the top of the list with care homes. Members were very pleased to hear that and wished Lisa well.

Members were happy chatting as usual and it was lovely to see one of the new members who also introduced her granddaughter Amelia who was also then introduced to Helen’s granddaughter Ava. It was also lovely to watch members pets who are very entertaining. Helen also introduced a new game she recently bought called ‘Intelligent Magnetic Building Blocks set’ which gives options to build various shapes.

Jo, Grazia and Enzo also joined today and Jo announced that it was Enzo’s 90th birthday on Friday. Lisa therefore asked members to all sing Happy Birthday and Lisa played the Happy Birthday song.

It was now 3pm and Lisa & Mark started the Karaoke session. Everyone always look forward to the new Tuesday Karaoke session and happy to hear their song requests.

Rachel was then ready to start the exercises and today she asked members from last week to bring scarves or handkerchiefs and hats which are used as part of her exercise routines to popular music. Everyone enjoys the exercises with Rachel especially the line dancing at the end.

Lisa then continued with a couple of quick quizzes and then called out the Bingo numbers. Lisa played 2 games today as yesterday was missed. The winners were – Karin. Zena and Fulvia