We had 26 members today. Lisa welcomed some new members and then started the Karaoke session at 2pm. The chat session then started at 2.30pm and Lisa welcomed everyone and introduced the new members. Everyone enjoyed their chat and were ready for their music entertainment when Katie Paine joined. Katie did something slightly different today. She sang various theme songs and asked members to jot down on a piece of paper which film the song was from. Everyone enjoyed singing along and at the end Lisa unmuted everyone and Katie asked them to shout out the answers. Next week Katie will be doing Scotland them songs for Burns Night and may be members would like to wear some Tartan clothes.

Eon was then ready to start as soon as Katie finished and as usual everyone enjoys the exercises with Eon and gave great feedback at the end.

As Lisa had to leave promptly at 4pm to take her dad to have his Covid vaccination, Kevin one of the carers had prepared a picture quiz of different people to name. Everyone did very well and this followed with another chat.

Thank you to Kevin for stepping in and doing a quiz.