We had 24 members today. Lisa started the session with the 2pm Karaoke which everyone enjoyed and then at 2.30pm it was time for the chat session. Members were chatting about vaccines and the various difficulties and challenges getting an appointment.

Lisa welcomed everyone and was a pleasure today to also see Ava, Helen’s granddaughter who also enjoyed singing along and dancing to some of the songs during the session. It was also good to see the 2 care homes join – Carlton Court care home and Aarundale Manor care home.

Katie our music entertainer then joined 10 minutes before starting and was already engaged chatting with members which was really nice. Katie Paine was excited to use her new speaker especially after last week when her speaker broke. The new speaker worked perfectly and Katie was great as usual.

Eon Walters our exercise professional was then ready to start and as usual had everyone working out well to popular music.

The quiz today was taken by one of the carers – Kevin. He had prepared a picture quiz showing 10 London landmarks and members had to name them. Kevin was made co-host and was therefore able to take this part of the session. Although some landmarks were easy to identify, Kevin explained that this was also to give those we care for the opportunity to take part. Everyone enjoyed the quiz and Lisa thanked Kevin. Members also joined to thank Kevin. The prize for the winners (jokingly) was lunch at The London Dungeon.

Lisa then continued with reading a joke and then called out the Bingo numbers. The winner was Laurie Porter and as this was his 3rd win – he is now the Game 7 winner. Laurie announced however that he didn’t want any gift and wanted to give his gift to Mark who is our technical assistant making sure the session runs smoothly. Lisa thanked Laurie for his kind thought and Mark was also very grateful. A new Bingo game will now start tomorrow.