We had 22 members today. Lisa started the Karaoke session at 2pm and then the chat session started at 2.30pm. James Le Bec and Joy then joined us just before 3pm and wished everyone best wishes for a happy new year. Lisa informed James that there was a birthday today. It was Frances’s 88th birthday and everyone sang happy birthday to her. It was lovely to see Frances wearing a novelty birthday cake hat which was amusing. James sang a couple of Frances’s favourite songs and then he sang a Gerry and the Pacemakers song as a tribute as he recently passed away. James also informed everyone that he used to work together with Gerry. James then started the music quiz. Today’s quiz was about Television which was very interesting. The winners of the quiz were Helen and Keren with 8 out of 10. James then continues with asking members to name 10 famous names starting with the letter R. Everyone loves shouting out the answers. James finished off getting everyone to sing and move to ‘Drunken Sailor’

The session then continued with Rachel doing the exercises today as Richard was away. Rachel showed everyone some very good exercises and made them work out all parts of their body to some good music which was very motivating. In fact the cool down stretch was like Bollywood dancing.

Lisa then continued with telling everyone a joke and then doing a quiz looking back to 2020 one last time about TV films. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner today was Laurie Porter again.