Our first 2021 session and we had 25 members. Everyone said how they really missed the sessions over the holidays.

The session started with Karaoke music at 2pm and then at 2.30pm everyone had their chat time until 3pm. Lisa welcomed everyone with Happy New Year greetings and also showed them a Happy New Year short clip showing a display of beautiful flowers opening as fireworks. Lisa also introduced her robotic dog – Rex who was sitting next to her and responding to everyone like a real dog.

Everyone was very amused.

We also had brief chats about the vaccines and how some had their first vaccines but apparently were told that the second vaccine would have to be delayed longer. Some members also commented that as they were over 80 and 90 were still waiting for their first vaccine. Lisa mentioned that she was also waiting for her father who is over 90 to receive his first vaccine. Lisa said that she would phone her surgery to make enquiries during the session.

Katie Paine was then ready and waiting to start her music entertainment and greeted everyone with best wishes for the new year before starting. There were unfortunately some technical issues today as she had problems with her speaker. She continued however singing without background music and members were still happy as Katie has a beautiful voice. It didn’t stop everyone from singing along. It was good to see 2 care homes – Carlton Court and Aarundale joining today too.

Eon was then ready to start the exercises and greeted everyone in the same way with best wishes. Eon got everyone working hard and everyone enjoyed the exercises especially as everyone commented previously they really needed the exercise after the Christmas holidays. Eon had some Greek soft music for the cool down stretch which was a lovely surprise too.

Lisa then continued with the session informing everyone that whilst they were having their exercises, she rang the doctor’s surgery. Whilst there was an answerphone message whilst Lisa was waiting to get through informing people – not to call and enquire about vaccines, when Lisa got through to speak to the receptionist, Lisa mentioned that her father who is over 90 has still not had his vaccine and the receptionist replied apologising that surgeries are doing their best to get through everyone on the surgery list but it is taking time. She did confirm to Lisa however that she will now add her father to the list and he will now be called soon to get his vaccine.

Lisa repeated the above conversation she had to everyone and advised them that they should all contact their surgery if they have not yet been contacted.

Lisa then read a short story joke to everyone which made them laugh and then did a quiz with everyone about some of the 2020 events. This was a shout your answer quiz questions which everyone enjoyed. We all now want to forget 2020.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and today’s winner was Hettie and David.