We had 21 members today. Lisa started with a Karaoke as usual at 2pm and then followed with the chat session at 2.30pm. Everyone was in a jolly mood and one of the members was wearing an upside down Santa hat which got everyone laughing. There was a chat also about vaccines and a few of the members mentioned that they have already been vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine.

James Le Bec and Joy then joined the session ready to start the music entertainment and looked very festive in their Santa outfits and Christmas decorations in the background. James played a couple of Christmas songs and then continued with the music quiz which everyone really loves. Lisa then got all the members to sing Happy Christmas to James and Joy.

Richard Kravetz was then ready to do Chair Yoga exercises with everyone and as usual its always great fun especially with the new chair dance routine to music at the end. Richard then had a Christmas quiz today and 5 general questions quiz and the winners were Pamela and John. Lisa got members to sing Happy Hanukkah to Richard.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner twice was Stephen and Brenda. As they have now won 3 games they are now the Game Six winners. A new Bingo game will start on Monday.