We had 20 members today. Lisa started the karaoke as usual at 2pm and then at 2.30pm everyone looks forward to their chat time. We had a special birthday celebration today as one of the members Connie was celebrating her 92 years birthday. Lisa played the Happy Birthday song and everyone sang. She also had a birthday cake and blew her candle. When James Le Bec joined with his partner Joy, Connie had a further Happy Birthday and James also played her favourite song by Doris Day.

James then continued to sing a few favourites and also a Christmas classic and then he started the music quiz. This has become a real favourite. The winners for the music quiz were Colin and Janine. Richard Kravetz then joined us and was ready to start chair Yoga exercises.

Richard has been adding towards the end exercises to the music ‘Staying Alive’ by the Bee Gees showing everyone a sequence of movements to remember which is enjoyable and challenging for some.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and as we are doing double Bingo call out games the winners today were Sandra and Laurie and Pam and John.

Lisa wished everyone well and Happy Chanukah for those celebrating.