We had 23 members today. Lisa started the Lisa & mark Karaoke Show at 2pm which everyone enjoyed. Members then had their 30 minutes chat time and Lisa welcomed everyone and again announced in case some members had not heard about the money that was raised from Karin’s Quince tree.

Lisa then welcomed James Le Bec and Joy to start the music entertainment. James announced that it was Joy’s birthday today and therefore everyone wished Joy a very Happy Birthday. James sang Pretty Woman as a song for Joy and for all the ladies which was really nice. After a few songs, James started the music quiz which is really a great success. Providing 3 possible answers to each music quiz makes it more exciting and the spin of the digital dice is always great fun especially when the dice spin again if a low number comes up. The winners of the music quiz were Ann and Connie who got 9 out of 10 and this was followed by Pam and John who got 8 out of 10. The additional name 10 famous names from a letter of the alphabet which James provides is another bonus and everyone loves to shout out the names.

Richard Kravetz then continued the session with the chair Yoga exercises and to add a bit of a difference today, Richard ended by playing ‘Staying Alive’ and members following Richard’s moves. Everyone’s feedback was that they really enjoyed it. A couple of suggestions were made which Richard took on board to add for next week’s routine.

Richard then continued with the general knowledge quiz and today he had 10 questions and members had to answer – Who/What/How to each question. Everyone always enjoy Richard’s quizzes.

Unfortunately Lisa had a call from her mum’s care home and was unable to call out the Bingo numbers today.