We had 23 members join including Mike Rich from Barnet Carers. Lisa welcomed her special visitor Dr Paresh Malhotra a consultant neurologist and senior clinical lecturer at Imperial College London. He studied medicine at the university of Oxford. He gave us a very interesting talk about his clinical trials and his research which initiated quite a few questions from members about the various dementia drugs in particular Donepezil and Rivastigmine which are the most common used drugs for dementia.

Dr Malhotra then talked about the various Covid vaccines - Astrazeneca which is the one developed in the UK and recommended by the Government as it is easier to store in comparison to the 2 other vaccines Pfizer and Moderna. Members again had a number of questions especially about any side effects and also questions with the flu vaccine.

Lisa thanked Dr Maholtra who had stayed longer than anticipated.

Lisa then started to discuss about the forthcoming Forum on Thursday and introduced Mike to speak about the agenda for the evening and how the discussions will be steered. Lisa then reiterated the importance of this forum and to hopefully have a productive discussion. There are many families who have not seen their loved ones since March and are "dying of heartbreak".

Mike said that he would send me the zoom joining link for the session so that I could pass it on to members.