We had 23 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave members some updates and announced how one of the carers Karin raised £283.24 from selling Quince from her tree. Lisa then reminded everyone that Dr Paresh Malhotra will be visiting later in the carers session. Lisa also mentioned about Smile.Amazon.co.uk and asked if members could all start shopping with Smile Amazon as they could choose Dementia Club UK as the charity to receive a small donation at no extra cost.

Lisa then started the Lisa & Mark Karaoke Show. Members always look forward to this.

This followed with exercises with Sian which members really enjoy as her music and style makes exercising fun. It was lovely at the end when Sian sings ‘When you’re Smiling’ as she also brings her 10 year old son Owen who today was dressed in a reindeer outfit which was very cute.

Lisa then continued and read a few jokes and then called out the Bingo numbers. Today’s winner was Jo, Grazia and Enzo.