We had a very busy session today with 29 members. Lisa & Mark started the 2pm Karaoke session which everyone enjoyed and then everyone was happy to chat for 30 minutes before the next part of the programme.

Lisa welcomed everyone and also the new members. Our music entertainer Ian was away today as he had a work interview and will be moving on unfortunately with other work so he introduced Lisa to a new singer.

Lisa introduced Katie Paine a new singer who was absolutely amazing and she was a great hit with all the members. She played some music which got members dancing in their seats. The session then continued with chair exercises with Eon and as usual Eon had some lovely music which got everyone happily working out.

Lisa then continued with the session with a general knowledge quiz and then Lisa read out some jokes which everyone loves and lastly called out the Bingo numbers. The Bingo winners today were Stephen and Brenda.