We had 24 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and started the Lisa & Mark Karaoke Show. At 2.30pm it was then the meet and chat time which everyone always enjoys. James Le Bec then joined us to start the music entertainment and also sang a tribute song for Des O’Connor who recently passed away. James then started the music quiz and today James decided to play a few seconds of the song and gave 3 possible answers which made it more interesting and everyone really preferred it. Of course the digital dice are still also thrown which makes it also exciting scoring points.

The session the continued with Yoga with Richard Kravetz and today there was a lovely surprise towards the end when Richard played ‘Staying Alive’ from the film Saturday Night Fever. Everyone really enjoyed the moves. Richard then continued with a general knowledge quiz with 10 questions and the quiz winners today were Keren and Pam and Janice.

Lisa then continued with reading a joke which everyone enjoyed and then called out the Bingo numbers. The winner today was Sandra and Laurie.