We had 26 members today. We decided after popular demand from members to do a Karaoke Show on Monday and Wednesday too. This means that we start at 2pm promptly with the Lisa & Mark Karaoke Show until 2.30pm. Then we have a break for 30 minutes for the chat session as usual and then the normal programme starts at 3pm again. We were not sure how many would attend at 2pm but there were a good number and everyone enjoyed it. Lisa will formerly make the changes by email to everyone.

Lisa welcomed everyone and also congratulated Aarandale Manor Care Home who were in the local Times newspaper recently for getting a ‘GOOD’ CQC rating. Lisa also announced sadly the loss of another of our members Michael Epstein.

The session then started with Ian James who is always great fun and interacts with everyone. Eon Walters then continued with the exercises to music and gets everyone working out in their own pace. No one falls asleep in Eon’s sessions!

Eon then finished with some Greek exotic cool down music which members also enjoyed. Lisa then took over with a short True or False quiz. The quiz winners with the highest score was Stephen and Brenda. Lisa then continued by reading a couple of jokes and then called out the Bingo numbers. The Bingo winners today was Helen and Chrystalla.