We had 25 members today and it was lovely to welcome again Lawrence from Rotary Club Hendon, Christine from Rotary Club Roding and Sheila from Rotary Club Golders Green. Lisa announced sadly the loss of one of our members Ella. She did in fact come to our zoom session 2 weeks ago to visit and it was so lovely for all the members to see her and Ella was also very happy to see friends. Everyone was very sad to hear that she passed away.

Ian our music entertainer was ready with a new improved sound system today and also played some Motown music which everyone really enjoyed. Eon our exercise instructor then followed and surprised everyone with some Greek music to start with for the warm up and then followed on also with some Motown music which was great to exercise to.

Lisa then did a quick picture quiz asking members to see if they could recognise from the pictures what the horror film was called. This was a bit challenging and members needed some clues. It was still fun though. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and todays winners were Muriel and Ivor.