We had 19 carers this evening. It was also a pleasure to welcome Mike Rich from Barnet Carers. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave her update about ‘Visiting in care homes’.

She then opened this up to the carers in the meeting and this discussion took most of the hour as this is a topic that is of great concern. Mike from Barnet Carers spoke and mentioned that he has been in discussion with Lisa regarding this matter and has suggested that it may be a good idea to invite Barnet Care Providers to a forum and also invite the Director of Public Health so that this can be discussed and hopefully reach some solution.

Everyone in the meeting thought this was a good idea and Lisa thanked Mike. Mike said that he would keep Lisa informed.

Following this discussion there were some personal matters with carers sharing experiences which were very informative. Lisa reminded everyone that next Tuesday 20th October she will not be Chairing the meeting as she has another work meeting but Kevin one of the other carers will be Chairing the meeting. Everyone was happy with that. This was a very interesting and informative meeting.