We had 20 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and informed them that the last Bingo winner was Fulvia and Shannon they are the ‘Bingo 3 game’ winners as they have won 3 times. A new Bingo game will therefore be starting today – Bingo 4

Lisa welcomed everyone and also Rotarians Nandini from Rotary Club Edgware& Stanmore, Helen from Rotary Club Northwick Park and Laurence form Rotary Club Hendon. It was lovely to see our music entertainer James Le Bec with Joy especially after they couldn’t make it last week because of Wi Fi issues.

James sang a few songs to get everyone singing and then he had 10 music quiz questions. We had 2 virtual dice today spinning just before James played each music question. The last time we played this everyone scored 88 points. This would all be played whilst members were muted and then members will be un-muted to give their answers. The score again today was 88 points which was spooky. Lisa suggested we also added an extra challenge to name 10 famous people. James therefore asked everyone to think of 10 famous people whose names started with the letter P. Members did get the names and the final score was 98. Thank you James.

Richard was then ready to start and as usual everyone enjoys Yoga with Richard which is always fun. Richard then follows on with a quiz.

The first set of questions was about famous quotes and the second half of the questions was about pasta. It was interesting to learn a few things about pasta especially as no one had heard of Orecchiette pasta which is also known as ‘little ears.’

Orecchiette Pasta