We had 16 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and reminded them about the Karaoke tomorrow and the carers meeting.

Ian James our music entertainer always joins ten minutes before he starts and enjoys chatting with everyone. Ian played some interesting music favourites that everyone liked singing along to. Thank you Ian.

Eon Walters our music exercise instructor then joined and as usual gets everyone motivated very quickly. In fact one of the ladies today had to put up her hair as she was obviously working out hard. Thank you Eon

Lisa then continued with the session and had 2 picture quizzes today. One was naming 12 European countries by their shape and the other quiz was to name 10 worldwide flags. Everyone enjoyed the challenge. Colin scored 10 and Pam 11 in both quizzes.

Lisa then read out a couple of jokes as usual and then called out the Bingo numbers. The winner today was Muriel and Ivor.