We had 27 participants today with their carers. Lisa welcomed everyone including new members Colin & Margaret and Louis our young student. Our regular Rotary members Helen, Nandini and our Trustee Valerie also joined the session and also our Trustee Dr Angela and volunteers Annette and Melvyn.

Lisa announced and reminded everyone to make sure they didn’t miss next Wednesday’s Magic Show with Alan Hudson. With regards to the latest Government announcement about face masks to be compulsory from the 24th July, Lisa decided to show her face mask and mentioned that her face mask was FFP3 with a valve. All face masks offer some protection but FFP3 face masks with a valve are recommended as they offer the very best protection against the Coronavirus as it filters 99% of particles.

Lisa then muted everyone and James Le Bec was ready to start with music entertainment which everyone enjoyed singing along. The music quiz is always a great favourite as everyone enjoys the challenge. Joy keeps a record of the points scored each week and we apparently scored higher than other organisations this week with 16 points. As there was a birthday to celebrate, Lisa asked James to get everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Rosita. James asked Rosita if she had a special song request and she said something Spanish. James therefore played and everyone joined in to sing Viva Espania. She was very grateful. Many happy returns Rosita.

It was then time for Richard’s chair yoga exercises. Richard picks a different theme each week and exercising becomes fun. Richard’s quiz that follows today was about the 10 bestselling songs of all time. To make it easier, Richard gave the name of the group and singer for each question as a clue for everyone to then name the song. It was very interesting. Kevin and Mable won the quiz today with 10 out of 10. Well done.

Lisa then read out a funny short story and then called out the Bingo numbers. Today’s Bingo winners were Helen and Chrystalla. Well done.