It was a busy session today and lovely to see a few more new members. We also had a visitor today. Lisa introduced Zoe Ioannou a professional Clinical Scientist in Audiology Earwax Microsuction Removal. Lisa told members that she booked her father to have the procedure and he was very happy after as he was able to hear again properly. Zoe informed members that she was happy to offer a 10% discount.

It was good to see our volunteers Annette and Melvyn as usual and also for the first time today Melissa and Bob joined us. Dr Angela one of our Trustees also introduced her grandson James today which was lovely. Lisa welcomed Jane Ferguson who was installed as the new President of Rotary Club Mill Hill yesterday. The Rotary Club of Mill Hill is associated with Dementia Club UK and are looking forward to doing a launch event of the dementia club when we are all back to normal.

Lisa asked Jane to also show her badge of office and everyone was very pleased and congratulated Jane.

Our entertainment with James Le Bec than started followed with the music quiz and then Richard Kravetz followed with the chair Yoga and quiz. Today’s quiz was about chocolate and one of the questions was to name the 10 most popular voted British chocolates. The top answer was ‘Snickers’

Lisa then read out a joke as usual and then called out the Bingo numbers. Today’s winner is Maria De Vito. Well done Maria.