We had 24 participants today with their carers and families. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave a special welcome to Sylvia as her husband Pantelis recently passed away.

Lisa gave a few updates and then introduced James Le Bec who was ready and waiting. James sang a few old time songs today and then followed on with his music quiz. Members always enjoy the music quiz and James makes it fun and challenging.

The session then followed with Richard Kravetz with his chair Yoga exercises. Everyone always concentrate and follow all the movements well. Richard has a way of making you work hard without realising which is great. Richard then follows on with his quiz which everyone enjoys.

Thank you both James and Richard. Mark then showed members a funny short video which everyone enjoyed watching and then Lisa called out the Bingo numbers. This is now a new game as the first game was won by Joan at the last session. Muriel was the winner today. Well done Muriel.