We had 19 members today plus their carers joining the session. It’s lovely to see members starting to join from 2.30pm as this is a time for them to have a chat together.

Ian James our music entertainer is also tuned in early as he also likes to say hello to members which I think is really lovely. Members in fact asked Ian if they could see his new puppy again this week but his puppy had to go to the vets for a few injections this week. Ian said he would definitely bring him next Monday. Everyone also wanted to know the puppy’s name and breed. Ian’s dog is a Miniature Schnauzer and his name is Sonny.

It’s also great to see Eon Walters our fitness motivator who also likes to engage with members before the session starts. At 3pm Lisa welcomed everyone and gave a few updates as usual. She first announced the good news with regards to her successful campaign over a number of years getting a bus to go to the Finchley Memorial Hospital. The 383 bus service will start from the 1st August. Members were delighted to hear this news.

Lisa also reminded everyone to make sure they were tuned in to the session on the 22nd July for the Magic Show with Alan Hudson. It was then time for Ian James to start his music entertainment which this week had a bit of a twist. He sang songs from various musicals and asked members to name the musical. Although members were all muted, Ian was very good at lip reading! Members really enjoyed Ian’s performance.

Our exercise motivator was then ready to start as soon as Ian finished and as usual gets everyone exercising hard and also provides tips on what to do as daily exercises. Everyone feels great after Eon’s exercises.


Lisa finished off today showing a funny short film of a man who is self-isolating during this lockdown. He knows his wife can hear him in the next room and he is talking to his friend about how he feels pretending that all is well but showing help signs to his friend. The bingo today was won by Joan and as this was Joan’s 3rd win, the charity will send her a gift. Well done Joan.