A hot glorious Summers Day. We had 24 members today plus their carers and families. Lisa welcomed everyone and also welcomed new members Carole and her husband Ronnie.

Lisa also welcomed a visitor Danine Irwin who is doing a Masters in Dementia Studies at the University of Hull and has chosen Dementia Club UK for her University Assignment. Everyone gave a warm welcome to Danine and also our new members. Lisa then announced the Magic Show again with Alan Hudson on Wednesday 22nd July at 3pm and asked members to note this date in their diaries.

Sylvia one of our carers whose husband passed away recently was going to join the session today but she was still feeling very emotional. Her daughter asked me to announce the amount that was fundraised in memory of her dad Pantelis and also wanted me to thank everyone that contributed. Pantelis was a very gentle and lovable person. He touched everyone’s hearts and he will be missed.

Lisa then introduced James Le Bec our music entertainer who sang a variety of songs and followed with the famous music quiz which everyone enjoys.

The session then followed with Richard Kravetz who today showed us ways of cooling our breath to keep cool and then got us working all our muscles. Richard then ended his session with a quiz and the winners of the quiz with the most points were Pamela and Melvyn. Richard held up the virtual prize today which was a tape measure so that we could all practice the 1 metre rule.

Lisa then followed with her reading of a joke and then finally the Bingo numbers. Today’s Bingo winners were Sotiris, Joyce and Maria De Vito. Well done to our winners.

Thank you of course to our engineer Mark who kept everyone tuned in and the session ran smoothly.