The weather today was not as sunny and warm but our Virtual dementia club session was busy. It was quite funny as everyone who joined at 2.30pm were all having their lunch today whilst chatting amongst each other. It was really lovely. Mark said to me how he enjoys seeing all the faces.

Lisa welcomed everyone and mentioned some good news with regards to an anti-inflammatory drug called Dexamethasone which has proved to reduce the risk of death on Coronavirus patients. We now wait with anticipation for the news when a vaccine can be developed to eliminate the virus.


Lisa then explained that in the latter part of the session today she would be leaving the meeting slightly early so that she could attend another virtual work meeting with the Guild of Freemen of the City of London. In the past she would have to forgo the Dementia Club meeting and go on the train to London, so not all these new "ways of working" are so bad. She assured everyone however that Mark would be taking over for the bingo.

James Le Bec was now ready to start his music entertainment and as usual got everyone singing and excited. His music quiz is also a real favourite with members as they enjoy trying to guess the title or artist etc. for each song. James finishes off with getting everyone to sing ‘She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain’.

Richard was now ready to start his Yoga chair exercise session and again members really enjoy doing the exercises which are great fun too. Richard’s quiz which follows the exercise is also a great hit with members.

This is now where Mark took over the last part of the session. Mark read out a joke and then called out today’s Bingo numbers which was won by Joan. This must be Joan’s lucky week as she has won twice now. She needs one more win and we will send her a prize. Well done Joan. A really wonderful session. Thank you to Mark our engineer and for also stepping in today.