Today we welcomed again Dementia Club UK! We had a few extra visitors – Dr Rebecca Hatjiosif who is a doctor and volunteers at the dementia club offering if people would like their blood pressures checked. We also had another visitor who brought their little dog – Lottie. She is adorable and members enjoyed having her at the session.

Lisa welcomed everybody whilst residents and the visitors tried our wonderful cakes produced by the catering team. Everybody enjoyed Lisa’s quiz which then followed with music entertainment by Aaron. Aaron played some song favourites which got some residents and visitors up dancing. Aaron then followed with a music quiz involving the big red dice and the challenge for members to take a six each throw.

After the music, visitors and the residents had the opportunity to try our fabulous interactive game table. “A good laugh and a cuppa are the two best cures for anything”

Next Dementia Club session at Carlton Court will be on the 18th February, feel free to pop in for a cuppa! Thank you to all the staff for helping throughout the session.