Today was both sad and happy as it was James Le Bec - our music entertainer’s last performance but it was also a Christmas party organised by Annalisa who is GLL Barnet Community Sports Officer.

The area near the cafeteria was soon set up and Annalisa made sure the teas/coffees were ready to serve to members as they arrived.

Muz had prepared some word searches and quizzes and handed them out on each table. So as members arrived, they were kept busy as they were enjoying their teas/coffees and cakes.

Lisa then welcomed everyone and introduced Annalisa to start the session. Annalisa organised her group of dance ladies today to perform a few popular dances like ‘Singing in the Rain’. Members enjoyed watching the dance ladies perform and also sang along.

The dancing then followed with Tombola. A game similar to bingo was played and the winning prizes were; a Session with a massage therapist, a consultation with Sandra who is a personal fitness trainer and a free pass for some classes and some Aloe Vera products. There were 2 winners in this game and Annalisa asked them to come to the front and collect their prizes.

Well done to all the ladies who took part and well done especially to Annalisa who trained and prepared the group for today and also preparing the Tombola. Lisa thanked all the ladies individually.

The session then followed with James le Bec who started with some Christmas songs and Annalisa had also prepared copies of the song lyrics which helped and everyone sang along. It was then time for James’s quiz questions and as usual members really love this part trying to guess the song title or artist. They like the challenge as they need to score high points to beat a previous score achieved from another group.

Each person who gets the correct answer also gets to throw the red dice and that is also great fun as a few of the carers try to tackle to make sure the dice lands on number six. James then played some music favourites which got some members up dancing and even doing the Conga dance. Everyone is very sad to see James go and all wished him and his partner Joy who always helps during the session the best of luck for the future.

The session was a great success – thanks to Annalisa for organising this session. Thank you today to Annalisa for all her hard work making this Christmas party a success. Thank you to all the cafeteria team who helped with the teas/coffees Thank you to Chris Parker – General Manager for Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre for his support and making sure everything was running smoothly. Thank you to Muz from Ping is King Ltd for his quizzes and also helping throughout the session. It was also lovely to meet his mum Sharifa and his dad Faiz who also enjoyed the session. Thank you also to Mark one of the Trustees who also helped throughout the session.