Whilst Mark was at Brent Cross Lisa was busy setting up for the dementia club and as usual it was a very busy session.

Lisa had to set up the tables and chairs by herself today but she was happy to see a few of the volunteers arrive later. Lisa played some Christmas songs today as members arrived and when they were settled with their teas/coffees and cakes,

Lisa welcomed everyone and provided some updates. Lisa also had some short story jokes today and read one of them which got everyone laughing. We had different music entertainment today. Lisa invited Rachelle Goldberg who brought her electric violin. It was certainly unusual from a normal looking violin. Rachelle played it beautifully and played some very well-known songs that members were familiar with and able to sing along.

Thank you Rachelle for coming to the Finchley Memorial Hospital dementia club. It was lovely that Rachelle stayed for the rest of the session and members were delighted.

The session followed with Bingo which is a popular game which members enjoy playing especially as Lisa has prizes to give out. The Full House was won by Joan today and she received a lovely prize – a Santa cosmetic zip bag which Joan was very pleased.

Everyone had a lovely afternoon. Mark was missed but thank you to the volunteers Dr Angela, Angela Chen and Melissa.