A very cold day but as usual a very busy session. Lisa welcomed all the members and gave a talk about - "Fire Safety"

James one of the carers got up to talk to members about his invitation to march in the Parade on Sunday 17th November at The Cenotaph at Whitehall. The march organised by AJEX – a Jewish Military Association charity organises this ceremony and Parade every year in remembrance of all who died in the Great War. James told members how he was proud to be there and also wore his medals.

Lisa then talked about the history of television as the ‘21st November is World television Day’. Lisa briefly went through all the years from 1926 when it was first invented and talked about all the developments over the years. This brought back memories for members and conversations. This followed with some television quiz questions.

It was then time for some exercise to music and Lisa got members to start with various chair exercises leading to some standing exercises to music. As it was a cold day everyone enjoyed doing the exercises. The session then finished with the Tovertafel which is always great fun and other members enjoyed a deserved rest after the exercises with more chatting.

Thank you to my volunteers today – Melvyn, Angela Chen, Dr Angela (Trustee), Melissa, Valerie from Rotary Club Golders Green and (Trustee) and of course Mark who is also (Trustee). Thank you for their help.