We had 23 members today. Lisa started the Lisa & mark Karaoke Show at 2pm which everyone enjoyed. Members then had their 30 minutes chat time and Lisa welcomed everyone and again announced in case some members had not heard about the money that was raised from Karin’s Quince tree.

Lisa then welcomed James Le Bec and Joy to start the music entertainment. James announced that it was Joy’s birthday today and therefore everyone wished Joy a very Happy Birthday. James sang Pretty Woman as a song for Joy and for all the ladies which was really nice. After a few songs, James started the music quiz which is really a great success. Providing 3 possible answers to each music quiz makes it more exciting and the spin of the digital dice is always great fun especially when the dice spin again if a low number comes up. The winners of the music quiz were Ann and Connie who got 9 out of 10 and this was followed by Pam and John who got 8 out of 10. The additional name 10 famous names from a letter of the alphabet which James provides is another bonus and everyone loves to shout out the names.

Richard Kravetz then continued the session with the chair Yoga exercises and to add a bit of a difference today, Richard ended by playing ‘Staying Alive’ and members following Richard’s moves. Everyone’s feedback was that they really enjoyed it. A couple of suggestions were made which Richard took on board to add for next week’s routine.

Richard then continued with the general knowledge quiz and today he had 10 questions and members had to answer – Who/What/How to each question. Everyone always enjoy Richard’s quizzes.

Unfortunately Lisa had a call from her mum’s care home and was unable to call out the Bingo numbers today.

We had 23 members join including Mike Rich from Barnet Carers. Lisa welcomed her special visitor Dr Paresh Malhotra a consultant neurologist and senior clinical lecturer at Imperial College London. He studied medicine at the university of Oxford. He gave us a very interesting talk about his clinical trials and his research which initiated quite a few questions from members about the various dementia drugs in particular Donepezil and Rivastigmine which are the most common used drugs for dementia.

Dr Malhotra then talked about the various Covid vaccines - Astrazeneca which is the one developed in the UK and recommended by the Government as it is easier to store in comparison to the 2 other vaccines Pfizer and Moderna. Members again had a number of questions especially about any side effects and also questions with the flu vaccine.

Lisa thanked Dr Maholtra who had stayed longer than anticipated.

Lisa then started to discuss about the forthcoming Forum on Thursday and introduced Mike to speak about the agenda for the evening and how the discussions will be steered. Lisa then reiterated the importance of this forum and to hopefully have a productive discussion. There are many families who have not seen their loved ones since March and are "dying of heartbreak".

Mike said that he would send me the zoom joining link for the session so that I could pass it on to members.

We had 23 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave members some updates and announced how one of the carers Karin raised £283.24 from selling Quince from her tree. Lisa then reminded everyone that Dr Paresh Malhotra will be visiting later in the carers session. Lisa also mentioned about Smile.Amazon.co.uk and asked if members could all start shopping with Smile Amazon as they could choose Dementia Club UK as the charity to receive a small donation at no extra cost.

Lisa then started the Lisa & Mark Karaoke Show. Members always look forward to this.

This followed with exercises with Sian which members really enjoy as her music and style makes exercising fun. It was lovely at the end when Sian sings ‘When you’re Smiling’ as she also brings her 10 year old son Owen who today was dressed in a reindeer outfit which was very cute.

Lisa then continued and read a few jokes and then called out the Bingo numbers. Today’s winner was Jo, Grazia and Enzo.

We had a very busy session today with 29 members. Lisa & Mark started the 2pm Karaoke session which everyone enjoyed and then everyone was happy to chat for 30 minutes before the next part of the programme.

Lisa welcomed everyone and also the new members. Our music entertainer Ian was away today as he had a work interview and will be moving on unfortunately with other work so he introduced Lisa to a new singer.

Lisa introduced Katie Paine a new singer who was absolutely amazing and she was a great hit with all the members. She played some music which got members dancing in their seats. The session then continued with chair exercises with Eon and as usual Eon had some lovely music which got everyone happily working out.

Lisa then continued with the session with a general knowledge quiz and then Lisa read out some jokes which everyone loves and lastly called out the Bingo numbers. The Bingo winners today were Stephen and Brenda.

We had 24 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone and started the Lisa & Mark Karaoke Show. At 2.30pm it was then the meet and chat time which everyone always enjoys. James Le Bec then joined us to start the music entertainment and also sang a tribute song for Des O’Connor who recently passed away. James then started the music quiz and today James decided to play a few seconds of the song and gave 3 possible answers which made it more interesting and everyone really preferred it. Of course the digital dice are still also thrown which makes it also exciting scoring points.

The session the continued with Yoga with Richard Kravetz and today there was a lovely surprise towards the end when Richard played ‘Staying Alive’ from the film Saturday Night Fever. Everyone really enjoyed the moves. Richard then continued with a general knowledge quiz with 10 questions and the quiz winners today were Keren and Pam and Janice.

Lisa then continued with reading a joke which everyone enjoyed and then called out the Bingo numbers. The winner today was Sandra and Laurie.