Dementia Club UK is celebrating their partnership with Barnet Carers during Dementia Action Week next week by hosting a show case event which promises fun and interaction for the whole family, carers and those living with dementia.

The online event will take place on Friday 21st May between 2pm and 3pm, click on image below to download and view the programme of events.

Click on the image above to download a PDF.

We had 22 members today. Everyone enjoyed the Karaoke session and then Lisa welcomed everyone during the chat session. Gina and Chris mentioned that it was their 48 years wedding anniversary today. Lisa made sure she also informed James Le Bec and James then sang a Walz song for them which they enjoyed. James also promised to sing later some rock music especially as Chris enjoys Rock music. The Music quiz was exciting and fun as usual and the winners were Jackie and Joan with 10 out of 10.

Richard then joined the session. Everyone always enjoys Richard’s Yoga as he always makes it fun. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winners today were Gina and Chris. They were so happy and excited to have won especially as it was their wedding anniversary today.

We had 30 members this evening.

Lisa welcomed everyone and introduced Jenny Walsh and Katie de Swarte from Osbornes Law Solicitors who were invited to talk about Powers of Attorney, Wills, family disputes and other contentious matters. Their contact details are;

Osbornes Law Solicitors

Address: Livery House, 7-9 Pratt Street, London NW1 0AE

Tel: 0207485 8811


As members had a number of questions and this had slightly gone over Andrew’s time, Lisa asked Jenny and Katie if they were happy to stay until Andrew finished his seminar.  They were happy to stay. Andrew then started his seminar at 7.40pm and the talk today was ‘Sanctuary Meditation’.Andrew first recapped on a couple of slides from previous weeks seminar on ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ before starting the meditation.

Andrew went through some breathing techniques with everyone which help to de stress and relax when you are feeling anxious or nervous. He then got everyone sitting up straight ready for the meditation.Everyone was asked to close their eyes and just listen to Andrew’s voice giving step by step instructions. A few members were so relaxed they found themselves falling asleep.

Feedback from members said that each guided step felt real and at the end felt very relaxed. It was a truly wonderful experience. Lisa asked Andrew if he could record the step-by-step meditation so that members could use it when they need to relax. Andrew said that he would be happy to do that.

It was then time for some more questions and whilst everyone was relaxed, they still had a few questions for Jenny and Katie. Lisa then thanked Jenny and Katie for their time and asked them if they could also send their costs especially as a couple of members had asked about that. A discussion followed after about next week’s seminar topic and it was decided that it would be ‘Person Centred Approach to Personal Care’. Lisa thanked Andrew and the session ended.

  • Next week’s seminar with Andrew on 18th May will be  ‘Person Centred Approach to Personal Care
  • Dr Angela has asked me to provide you all with the following additional latest guidance with more details on when CPR is likely to succeed and is inappropriate - Significant changes
  • Whilst writing please all note the date Friday 21st May at 2pm – a Zoom webinar event celebrating the partnership of Barnet Carers and Dementia Club UK during Dementia Action Week with one hour of fun entertainment. Please see attached poster with Zoom details to join the event.
  • Charitable Radio’ is a new radio station and Nick has managed to post the event on the 21st May on Facebook to get Dementia Club UK announced by the new radio station on Sunday 16th May 2021. Their goal is to raise 100K to donate to charity. This was brought to Lisa’s attention by Valerie one of our Trustees – thank you Valerie.

We had 22 members today. Everyone enjoyed the Karaoke session and then Lisa welcomed everyone during the chat session. Lisa also mentioned that there were a few events this week and next week. Mental Health Awareness Week from the 10th to the 16th of May and then Dementia Action Week from the 17th May to the 23rd May. Lisa then mentioned the special event on Friday 21st May celebrating the launch of Barnet Carers and Dementia Club UK in partnership and also providing a fun program. Lisa explained how they could join the event. Lisa also reminded them about the 2 ladies from Osbornes solicitors attending the carers group meeting this evening and this would be a chance for members to ask questions about Lasting Powers of Attorney, Wills or any other legal matters.

Today’s chat session was also the beginning of a new chat session as members decided they would like to talk about the Evacuation during WW2. A few of the members started to talk and reminisce and a couple of members also showed their photos. Some of the stories were very overwhelming. Everyone thought this chat was very worthwhile especially as some of the members that don’t get a chance to talk a lot were able to talk. This will now become a regular weekly reminiscing slot. Ian James our music entertainer then joined and as he had caught some of the chats towards the end, he also provided a story. It was then time for some music and Ian as usual always gets members jolly and singing along to many favourites.

Rachel who normally follows to do the exercises was unfortunately held up and unable to attend today so Lisa continued straight to Bingo and the Bingo winner was Helen and Chrystalla. As there was still time after Bingo, everyone decided to continue the reminiscing chat.

We had 19 members today. Everyone enjoyed the Karaoke as usual and then Lisa welcomed everyone at the chat session at 2.30pm. Lisa informed everyone about Dementia Action Week from 17th to the 23rd May and also informed them of a celebration zoom event on Friday 21st May at 2pm – celebrating the partnership of Barnet Carers with Dementia Club UK. This will be a one-hour fun event.

Katie Paine then joined to start the music entertainment and sang a variety of songs which got everyone singing along. Eon then joined to teach the chair exercise session which as usual is always great and everyone loves to work out.

The session the continued with a quiz from Kevin and today’s quiz was about naming some previous Prime Ministers and their nick names. Kevin always makes it fun. The winners were Peter, Stephen and Brenda, Pam and John. Lisa then called out the Bingo and todays winners were Booba Beryl and Hazel and also John and Audrey.