Carers zoom meeting – 15th Dec 2020

Dec 15, 2020 | Carers Group Meetings, Session Blogs

Carers zoom meeting – 15th Dec 2020

We had 16 members this evening. Lisa welcomed everyone and informed them that the forum may not be going ahead on the 17th December this week as Mike has not been able to confirm with the council.

Lisa then opened the meeting and asked Keren who had already informed Lisa in advance that she had an idea to discuss at the group meeting. As members however all new that Lisa had her mum’s funeral today, they were all very sympathetic and wanted to ask Lisa about her day. Lisa was very overwhelmed and thanked everyone.

Keren then proceeded with her idea which was about bringing stories together in a ring binder and sell the books to raise money for charity. Stories would be suitable for those living with dementia, they would not be too tong, just a few pages. Everyone thought this was a good idea and Lisa suggested if Keren can briefly send some details about her idea she could include it in the next email to all members.

Andrew also suggested that the care home he works also have people that attend to do sensory games and this may be a good idea when the dementia clubs get back to normal.

Kevin also suggested that pictures are a good idea for example identifying landmarks.

Maurice also suggested the Writers club for Keren to look into.

Our next discussion was about vaccines and the order of priority and how everyone felt generally having the vaccine. Everyone felt that it would not be ethical to force people to be vaccinated. One of the carers has had their jab and said it all went well and was well organised.

Lisa then thanked everyone and reminded them that this was the last group session this year. Everyone also thanked Lisa.