Members always enjoy attending at the Britannia centre. When everyone was settled with their teas and coffees Lisa welcomed everyone and introduced Mark who was ready to give members a quiz. The questions were a little hard but members always enjoy the challenge.

The session followed with celebrating and this was celebrated in the usual DCUK fashion.

Chrystalla’s 90th Birthday
Chrystalla’s 90th Birthday

It was then time for some dancing as Moshe attended and as always Moshe always gets people up and dancing. Pam and John enjoyed doing the Jive and Tita was given the microphone by Moshe to sing an Italian song which happen to be Tita’s favourite song.

Pam and John enjoyed doing the Jive
Pam and John enjoyed doing the Jive
 Tita singing her favourite Italian song
Tita singing her favourite Italian song

The session as usual was very enjoyable. Thank you to Mark for his help during the session.

Barnet TV recorded a session on the 25th September 2018. Today was the official launch of the Dementia Club at St John’s United Reformed Church in association with the Rotary Club of Barnet.

I would like to say a few words with affection about a special club Mollie and I have found.

It has about seven or eight different nationalities as members. They talk and get on well together. They laugh and joke together and also sometimes dance and sing together, even including “She Will Be Coming Round The Mountain When She Comes”!

Strangely enough they also play indoors golf together. Wouldn’t it be marvellous if the whole world behaved like that without conflict or war?

BY JAMES HALE – Thanks to Dementia Club UK

The programme for 2018 - 2019 has just been published this can be downloaded as a PDF from our site.

After yesterday’s session at Finchley Memorial Hospital with Elvis, today’s session was not very busy. We had 2 visitors from Barnet Copthall – Jalpa Assani and Annalisa Cellini.

Lisa started the session with True and False quiz questions and then followed with some poetry reading about what makes people happy. Lisa then encouraged members to talk about what makes them happy.

Lisa was then nicely surprised to see an old friend Patricia Waldron arrive. Patricia is a care home manager at Aarandale Manor Luxury care Home in Mill Hill and she arrived today with one of the residents as she was interested to see the dementia club.

Jane then arrived and members were ready for their exercises. The exercises finished off with the 3 music song favourites that members enjoy dancing to and this followed with some social activities – ball catching and Putting golf.