This week, Lisa gave Rotary President Danielle of Edgware & Stanmore and Rotary President Molly of Northwick Park the floor, to welcome members and visitors.

Yoga teacher, Richard, was away but his stand-in, Ros Anderson, ran a wonderful session leaving us all relaxed, but not too relaxed, that we couldn’t enjoy live music by Ron Goldsmith helped with singing by Rotarian Selwyn. Ron always aims to please, we even took a request for the Beatles, “when I saw her standing there” !

Rotary Clubs of Edgware & Stanmore and Northwick Park
Rotary Clubs of Edgware & Stanmore and Northwick Park

Thank-you again to Rotarians, Rochelle, Nandini and Ronnie Preston for assisting with the tea, quiz, games and chat. Whilst still a small, but steadily growing club, everyone left with a smile on their face.

The next gathering on Wednesday 18 July, 2.30-4.30pm will be our official launch party with the Mayors of Harrow and Barnet attending. Hope that you can join us

Today’s session was led by Eleanor with support from Dr Angela.

We started off with a picture quiz of Sports Stadiums in England. It proved quite tricky as there were 10 football stadiums to identify. Top scorer was Pamela who finished well ahead of the opposition. Well done Pamela!

We then played two games of card bingo. Dr Angela called out the cards in English (and Greek!) and Karish and Eva offered support to those who needed a hand. Card bingo is always a popular activity and it was lovely to see some members helping their carers and pointing out any mistakes they made! After the game, Dr Angela continued the language theme by asking members and their carers to volunteer to count from 1-10 in another language. We heard Greek, Spanish, French, Welsh, Farsi and Tamil. We all had great fun.

Thank you to Despina Foods Ltd at Arnos Grove for cutting up a refreshing watermelon for the Finchley Memorial Hospital session.
Thank you to Despina Foods Ltd at Arnos Grove for cutting up a refreshing watermelon for the Finchley Memorial Hospital session.

Next it was time for some singing, led by Eleanor. Today’s recital included Waltzing Matilda, I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, It’s A Long Way to Tipperary and One More Step.

We finished with a general knowledge quiz when silence descended on the room. Everyone was keen to hear the questions and get in first with their answer! The extensive knowledge of the group was extremely impressive and it was lovely to see so many members and carers taking such an active and enthusiastic part. Well done everyone!

Thank you to Dr Angela, Melvyn, Karish and Eva for all your help and to our carers Marina, Pamela and Sylvia who did the washing up for us. It was a real team effort!

A full session as usual with 2 new members I met on Dementia Awareness Day at Brent Cross on 25th May.

Lisa and Kevin started with a Family Fortunes quiz which everyone enjoys followed with some singing and dancing. The session then followed with Tovertafel which included are Tovertafel ‘buddies’ Karish and Eva our students. Dr Angela brought her friend Melissa who was a star as usual motivating members to get up and dance.

Thank you to our volunteers Melvyn, Eleanor and Dr Angela and of course our students.

Today was a hot day and we had quite a few members attend as Stephen’s house is a favourite.

Lisa decided today to change the room slightly and move some of the tables to accommodate groups sitting together. Everyone thought it was a good idea. The session started with Mark one of the Trustees who gave out a quiz to members about various alcohol drinks for example ‘Who boasted of eating human liver washed down with Chianti?’ the answer Hannibal Lector. The quiz is always challenging but Mark offers a few clues which really helps.

After the quiz we had a birthday to celebrate. It was Joan’s 90th birthday and Chrissy her daughter baked 2 lovely cakes and brought them. Everyone sang happy birthday to Joan who was very touched and surprised to see her daughter’s cakes.

Lisa then had an announcement to make and asked Risom to come to the front. Lisa congratulated Risom for being the star bucket collector at Brent Cross on Dementia Awareness Day. Members all applauded Risom and Risom responded by saying that he is honoured and touched to be associated with helping Dementia Club UK and will continue to help.

The session then followed with Richard who does Yoga with members. Richard not only makes members exercise but always makes it fun.

The session then continued with Lisa who got members to do some singing and then some dancing to their favourite songs. Everyone was happy.

Thank you to our volunteers – Mark and Dr Angela, our Rotary volunteers Dick, Michael and Valerie who is also one of the Trustees and of course Risom who looks after us all.

It was a lovely warm day today and a very busy session as always at the Finchley Memorial Hospital. Lisa welcomed everyone and then introduced Mehdi who came to visit today. Mehdi ‘CEO & Founder’ of Shift 8 Ltd installed Tovertafel at the hospital and he came today to do a second training session to show members a few other tricks when playing the Tovertafel games. Members were delighted to see Mehdi.

However the training did not begin straight away as Lisa had a surprise for members first. Lisa organised through Lulubelle Animal Rescue to bring 2 small dogs to the session. Lorraine Perkins from Lulubelle came with her assistant Mike. One of the dogs was a French Bulldog called Flamenca who was 8 years old and the other dog was Chi Wawa called Rosie who was 2 years old. Lorraine spoke about the life of the dogs and how they were previously mistreated. In fact Flamenca was so ill-treated before he needs an operation as he has continence problems. He was in fact wearing a nappy which was cute.

Members were very sad to hear about their life stories but were happy to hear that they are now receiving so much love. Members enjoyed holding the dogs and caressing them.

Lorraine and Mike stayed for a long time as members became very attached to the dogs. Members would like the dogs to attend again and Lisa will try and organise this at least once a month.

Mehdi then followed on with the session to show members the various tricks with Tovertafel games. Everyone was excited as usual to play. Mehdi decided that perhaps the Tovertafel should be calibrated on to 2 tables to make the games bigger and more members can then sit around to play. Members enjoyed the games and also learnt a few tricks.

Thank you to our volunteers today Melvyn who is always there right from the start. Dr Angela who came later and is one of our Trustees and Karish the student who wants to study to be a doctor and enjoys attending the sessions. Karish was so interested in the Tovertafel that Mehdi asked him if he wanted to become a Tovertafel ‘Buddy’ This means that Karish will be trained and he will then be able to help people using the games. Karish was very pleased and also suggested a friend to join him.