It was full house today as members were excited to see Elvis. Lisa started off with quiz questions about Elvis to get members prepared for the Show.

Pete Webb who acts as Elvis then walked into the room in his light Blue Elvis glittering suit. The excitement from that moment to the end was electrifying. Pete was fantastic in every way with his voice as Elvis and also his body moves singing some of the favourite Elvis great hits.

Elvis at Dementia Club UK in Finchley Memorial Hospital
Elvis at Dementia Club UK in Finchley Memorial Hospital

We had a new volunteer today – Timothy who was very helpful during the session helping Melvyn our other volunteer. It was also a lovely surprise to see Jennifer one of the carers that used to attend with her mother Joan.

Everyone had a really amazing time today and can’t wait for me to book Pete again.

Today's report is from Justine who led the session at Sha’arei Tsedek Synagogue in Whetstone:

"Our members were served tea, coffee and lovely biscuits & cake at the start of our session and were happy chatting to each other. Justine Khedoory then did a short quiz which everyone participated in.

After a short while, a lovely lady called Jane did some fun exercises with our members which everyone thoroughly enjoyed!

Jane leading the chair exercises
Jane leading the chair exercises

This was followed by a lively session of entertainment provided by the very talented James LeBec. James sang a variety of popular songs to which many of the members and helpers danced. It was great fun! The atmosphere was fantastic!

James LeBec singing some favourite songs
James LeBec singing some favourite songs

One of our members, the lovely Chrystalla was celebrating a Special Birthday today, so we all sang Happy Birthday to her! After James left, the members continued to chat and there was also table tennis, mini golf & darts! 30 members and carers attended the session with the assistance of five helpers from the synagogue who were:- Justine, Stephen, Judy, Keith & Caroline and Mark one of the charity Trustees."

Today’s session was led by Eleanor with the help of Dr Angela and Melissa.

We had a good turn out and plenty of chat and laughter. We started with a picture quiz about well-known people. This proved to be a popular team activity which everyone could participate in. The most challenging picture was a photo of John Paul the Second! Pat’s team were the winners with twenty correct answers out of twenty. Well done!

Afterwards, we had two games of card bingo. Nearly everyone can play this game without any help and at one point, James was left in charge of three cards while Joan and Lynn were washing up!

It is lovely to see the enjoyment some of our members who have memory difficulties get from playing card bingo and to watch them correcting their carers when they make a mistake.

We finished with another team activity naming things associated with Scotland: food and drink, clothing, sports and pastimes, famous buildings and famous people. Between us we came up with a very long list!

This activity also led to discussions about Scottish holidays. At the end, we listened to a humorous song called ‘Donald Where’s Your Troosers’. It was a high note on which to end our session.

Thank you to our volunteers and especially to Marina, Lynn, Joan and Helen who stepped in to help with the refreshments and washing up in the absence of Melvyn.

Today’s session was run by Mark as Lisa had to attend a meeting in London. There were only a few members today but it was still a very enjoyable session.

Mark started with a few true or false quiz questions which always gets members to chat.

Jane then arrived and members enjoyed some exercises. The session then followed with music entertainment with Moshe who never fails to really entertain everyone and get them up dancing.

Thank you to Mark for running the session today.

As usual we had so many members today, we had 4 new members. It was a beautiful sunny and warm day.

Lisa welcomed everyone and gave everyone a quiz to start with which all enjoyed.

We then celebrated 2 birthdays. Miltis’s birthday on 15th October will be 84 years old and Ruth’s birthday which was on the 6th October. Both were celebrated in the usual DCUK fashion.

Dr Angela then gave members an update about the Flu jab and suggested that everyone should book their Flu jabs with their GP's as the FMH chemist this year is in short supply. Dr Angela also advised everyone that they should check before they have the vaccine to make sure that they have the ‘adjuvanted vaccine’ as this is the vaccine which has the extra ingredients for older age to help them develop a stronger defence.

The session then followed with some singing and name that tune and then bingo which is a real favourite. Lisa then played their favourite songs ‘Coming Round the Mountain’, the ‘Birdy song’ and the ‘Hokey Kokey’. This got members up dancing including the new members. The finale dance was the Zorba dance which Lisa got all members moving by exercising to the music. Everyone was buzzing with joy.

It was then time for the Tovertafel and we also had our new members round the table. It was lovely to see how members interacted with the games with smiles. It was a really fun pack afternoon.

Thank you to our volunteers Melvyn and Eleanor for their help today during the session and Dr Angela.