Dementia Club UK celebrates The Rotary Club of Elstree and Borehamwood joining in Association with Dementia Club UK on Monday 17th June 2019 at The Venue Leisure Centre, Elstree Way, Borehamwood WD6 1JY.

The Mayor of Hertsmere Rabbi Cllr Alan Plancey was invited to launch the event with The Rotary Club President Cllr Cynthia Barker who is also the Deputy Mayor.

Cllr. Lisa Rutter the Founder and Chairman of Dementia Club UK and Former Mayor of The London Borough of Barnet welcomed the Mayor and other guests and said a few words about the charity and also read out a poem which she had written. The Mayor followed to say a few words and congratulated Lisa for her work and stressed the importance of raising awareness to let people know of the help they can receive from this new dementia club.

The Mayor then proceeded to cut the cake together with Lisa and Cynthia and this was followed by the excellent music entertainment by Moshe Tamir who got people up and dancing very quickly. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon. A kosher buffet was also provided.

Lisa said – “I am delighted and honoured that The Mayor attended the launch. Everyone was so pleased to meet him. It was a very successful event. Dementia Club UK not only looks after those who suffer with dementia but also their carers and families and those who have lost someone with dementia and are now lonely. We provide information and advice, we have 2 GPs who attend most sessions, chair exercises, music entertainment and social activities. Sessions at Borehamwood are held on the 3rd Monday of every month. Our next session is on Monday 15th July at 1pm to 3pm and all are welcome."

The session today was led by Annette and was as usual very full and lots of chatting and excitement.

Members know to arrive early to get a seat as they really look forward to attending. What a tremendous growth in such a short history of DCUK. Kudos to DCUK!

After a welcome, I introduced Officials of Barnet Museum, Mike and Hillary who arrived with cases of items from the 1950s to share and elicit thoughts from members. They started with a quiz and even though I had informed them that our members were very good at this, they were truly surprised at how well they did and how much they enjoyed it.

Conversations were held, inspired by the objects they brought from the museum. Members really enjoyed looking at so many different items and talking about them.

This was followed by entertainment by Moshe. Delightful as usual! It was difficult bringing the session to an end because Moshe was as excited as the members if not more! There was of course dancing. Everyone had a very enjoyable afternoon and I am certainly privileged to be part of this beautiful family.

We are still trying to build the numbers for this venue. Members that attend really like the venue as it is spacious and bright.

Lisa welcomed everyone and provided some word search and other quiz questions which they really enjoy whilst chatting and enjoying their teas and cakes.


Richard then arrived to do chair yoga. One particular member really looks forward to seeing Richard as he enjoys exercises. Richard always makes it fun. The session then followed with James Le Bec who never fails to entertain everyone.

The session was very enjoyable and everyone left with smiles. No volunteers except myself and Mark.

It was a rainy day but that doesn’t stop members. Everyone always enjoys attending this venue.

Lisa welcomed everyone and gave them their usual word searches and other quizzes to do whilst they enjoy chatting over teas and lovely cakes.

Eon then arrived to do the chair exercises. He introduced some soft balls today which enjoyed using and found some of the exercises challenging. He then continued with lots of other exercises for the whole body. It was hard work but also great fun.

Helen Tierney then arrived bringing her accordion, her Harp and her keyboard. She played some old time cockney East End songs which were a real treat as everyone enjoyed singing along with the song sheets. Members were buzzing today with joy and it didn’t take long for members to get up and dance. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Thank you to our Rotarian Valerie one of our Trustees and Rotarian Michael. Thank you also to Mark another Trustee for his help and also to Christine who works at the venue and served our teas and cakes.

Members always enjoy attending this venue as it is small and bright and feels very friendly and welcoming.

We had some new members join today also which was great. They attended the Dementia Awareness Day at Brent Cross which is how they became aware of this club.

Lisa welcomed everyone and gave them some water colour painting to do which they enjoyed. The session then followed with Annalisa showing members some exercises which is always fun and then followed by James our music entertainer who always knows the right type of music to play to get members up and dancing. The dice game is always a real challenge when everyone has to guess the name of the song and artist. It’s great fun.

Thank you to Stella who attended to help during the session and thank you to Annalisa and Mark one of the Trustees who also helped during the session.