A busy session as usual and a few new members and a new volunteer today called Joan Cheevers from the Eleanor Palmer Trust.

It was lovely to see back our volunteer Lizzy after being off sick for a while too. Lisa welcomed everyone and announced some news about a new venue to replace Stephen’s House & Gardens.

Lisa then introduced Peter Warden who brought his music backing tracks and played and sang some old time favourites for everyone to sing along. Everyone enjoyed singing along and a few of the members were also happy to get up an dance.

The session then continued with games and word searches and Lisa also distributed some picture card photos showing life in the 1950s. This prompted lots of discussion and Mark also read out some information about the pictures which was interesting.

During the last part of the session the Tovertafel was turned on and members gathered around to play some of the favourite games. It was an enjoyable session.

Thank you to our volunteers today – Melvyn, Lizzy, Joan and Mark.

Today's session was led by Justine and supported by her volunteers from the Synagogue.

Our members were served tea, coffee and lovely biscuits & cake at the start of our session and were happy chatting to each other.

Stephen (one of our wonderful Volunteers) gave a short presentation on Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) as we have recently celebrated Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is this Wednesday. Our members were very interested to learn about our High Holy Days and asked lots of questions.

Lisa (Our Chairman) brought in Dementia Club UK's very own portable Magic Table from a company called OM Interactive. This is a portable device that allows each of the different Dementia Club UK venues to use it rather than it being installed in a permanent venue. It is a type of projector that projects games onto a table which people can interact with their hands. This is a very special piece of equipment which are members thoroughly enjoyed using (as did the volunteers!) We feel extremely lucky to be able to see this in action!

For more details on the company see: https://omi.uk/

This was followed by a lively session of entertainment provided by the very talented James LeBec and his lovely assistant, Joy! James sang a variety of popular songs to which many of the members and helpers danced. It was great fun! He also did a music quiz and our members had to guess the name of the song! The atmosphere was fantastic and we were all very competitive.

After James left, the members continued to chat and there was also table tennis, mini golf, jumbo dominos and darts! 32 members and carers attended the session with the assistance of seven helpers from the synagogue who were:- Justine, Gilda, Stephen, Mark, Dot, Judy, Keith & Caroline.

Not everyone’s disability is visible. Marks & Spencer have come up with a good idea to provide Sunflower Lanyards to people who need some help when shopping in Marks & Spencer stores.

It tells the staff in stores that if they see anyone wearing this lanyard they can offer some help if needed. I think this is a wonderful idea and perhaps this should be copied in other stores too.

Today’s session was in the café area which was very successful.

Lisa welcomed everyone and after their teas and coffees and cakes they were ready to do some exercises with Annalisa who always makes exercising fun

It was then time for some music entertainment and James Le Bec sang some old time classics which members enjoyed singing and dancing. The challenge then begins when James brings out his big soft dice to play name that tune. There is always a previous score to beat from other organisations but members make sure to try and beat the score with a little bit of footwear cheating!!

Great fun and lots of laughter. Thank you to Mark for helping throughout the session.

A very busy session as usual. Lisa welcomed everyone and gave a special welcome to 2 of our members Helen and Chrystalla who have been away in Cyprus for 3 months.

We had a new musical entertainer today Mickie Driver who was dressed as a Pearly King. He sang a lot of old times favourites which everyone enjoyed and danced and also sang together with him.

He also works with a Vera Lynn charity and sang some of her numbers. Near the end of his performance he played a recording of Vera Lynn. His songs stirred many emotions.

Ezzie from the Pharmacy at the Finchley Memorial Hospital is providing flu jabs every day except Tuesdays
Ezzie from the Pharmacy at the Finchley Memorial Hospital is providing flu jabs every day except Tuesdays

Thank you to our volunteers today – Annette, Angela Chen, Melvyn, Dr Angela, Arzu and of course Mark.