Today Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Mill Hill welcomed members as they arrived and were seated so everyone could have a good chat.

Members enjoyed their teas and coffees and lovely biscuits whilst chatting. Lisa then provided some puzzles and quizzes for members to do which prompted discussions in some of the answers. Jeanette led this part of the session.

Lisa also gave out a poem which had some missing words to complete. When the words on the poem were completed, Jeanette asked all the members to read it out together.

Richard then arrived. The chairs were already arranged and members were happy to do some chair yoga exercises. The last part of the session was led by Mark – one of the Trustees who was controlling the OM interactive. Members enjoyed playing some of the games. It was an enjoyable session.

Thank you to our volunteers Sarah and Theresa. Thank you to our Rotarians – Jeanette and her husband Graham, Jane, President - Desmond and his wife Bobsie and of course Mark.