As members arrived Lisa welcomed them. They also received a warm welcome from Rotarians Jim, Malcolm and Victor who are always happy to sit and chat with the members.

As always Andrew the Church warden makes sure that all the tables are set up and Dorothy and Brenda always ensure members are served with their teas and coffees and cakes straight away.

Lisa then gave out some quiz questions to the members. The quiz was organised by Simon our quiz master who was absent today but made sure that the quiz was delivered. Today’s quiz was about naming some famous brands. Most of the brands were easy but there were a few tricky ones which made it challenging. The quiz also brought back some memories and Lisa got members to talk about them.

It was then time for some exercise and as Richard was away, we had a new Yoga teacher – Kathryn Jackman. Members really enjoyed the exercises with Kathryn who not only made them work hard but also made it fun.

Members were now ready for their music entertainment with James and as usual James knows the right type of music to get members interested. The music quiz game is also a great enjoyment as members like the challenge to get as many points as possible.

Everyone then enjoys a good dance before going home. Thank you to all our volunteers and of course Mark one of our Trustees who also helped during the session.